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Primary Pump Backup Bundle

SmartPump Combination System

The Pre-Assembled SmartPump Combination System comes completely pre-assembled for quick and easy installation in as little as 15 minutes.



In the event of a main sump pump problem or power outage, the battery backup pump operates automatically. The PumpSpy PS2000 constantly monitors and charges the battery as necessary


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Primary Sump Pump Backup Power System

  • Automatically switches over to battery power when AC power goes out. The PumpSpy 75 Ah Deep Cycle AGM Battery (not included) is recommended
  • Generates a Pure Sine Wave 120 VAC voltage to reliably power your primary sump pump
  • Automatically recharges a battery When AC Power is restored with a powerful 10 Amp built-in charger
  • 1500 Watt output is enough to power two primary sump pumps simultaneously (with a combined Amp draw not exceeding 12.5)
  • Can be used as a power inverter for many applications requiring backup power

Maintenance Free AGM Battery - 75 Ah

  • Maintenance-free design does not require regular addition of water or acid for proper operation
  • Sealed enclosure eliminates spilled acid from tipped battery and hydrogen gas venting
  • Absorbent glass mat technology for superior performance; valve regulated, spill proof construction allows safe operation in any position
  • Sealed design is easy to transport and install without worrying about spills
  • 12V, 75 Amp/Hr.


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