Battery Backup FAQ

What does the system monitor?

The Battery Backup System monitors and can detect dozens of issues with your sump pump, including AC power failure, primary switch failure, impending pump motor failure, blocked or frozen discharge line, broken check valve, high water and many more. The Battery Backup System also check the status of your backup pump and battery health. The backup pump and battery are tested every other day.

How long does the PumpSpy Battery Backup System run on a charge?

In a typical installation, the PumpSpy backup system will cycle 2,000 times with a fully charged, 75 amp/hr. 12-volt battery. This translates into roughly 13,000 gallons of water pumped. If the backup pump never shuts off during a power outage, the battery will last 5 1/2 to 6 hours. If the backup pump runs once every minute, the battery will last 2 days. Every home is a little different.

What is my pump stops working?

Every PumpSpy Battery Backup System includes a backup pump. If the main sump pump has a problem, PumpSpy automatically activates the backup pump and will send alerts instantly describing the problem. The backup pump will take over pump duty until the main sump pump is repaired or replaced. There is also an audible alarm on the battery backup system.

Can I use the battery from my old battery backup pump?

PumpSpy recommends installing a new 12V deep cycle SLA or Gel battery (75 amp/hr or greater) when the system is installed. We recommend PumpSpy’s 12V SLA Deep cycle maintenance free battery. You can use any 12V deep cycle battery with your PumpSpy system. However, a poorly maintained battery will compromise performance and regularly fail self-tests.

Can I connect my existing backup pump to a Pumpspy battery backup system?

Yes. PumpSpy offers upgrade kits to convert your existing battery backup pump to a PumpSpy system. Upgrade kits are available for Basement Watchdog, Zoeller and Wayne backup pumps here.

How does the battery backup system send alerts if the power is out?

If the power goes out and your WiFi network is still active (UPS backup for router/modem OR the power is only partially out, like a tripped breaker), the Battery Backup System automatically switches over to battery power. In this scenario, you would receive an AC power failure alert immediately, because the data would reach our servers and trigger the alert.

If the power is completely out and/or your internet is down, the Battery Backup System would try to send the AC power failure alert, but the data would not get through since the internet connection is down.  If your Battery Backup System fails to “check in” with our servers for over 10 minutes, you will receive an alert that your system is offline.

Can the battery backup be placed outdoors?

The Battery Backup System is rated for indoor use only.

How much data does the system use a month?

A typical Battery Backup System uses 50MB of data (up and down) per month. Data usage will vary based on pump activity.

As a landlord, can I install these in multiple locations and view on one app?

Yes. You can setup multiple Battery Backup Systems at multiple locations and view them all in the app. When you open the app, the first view will be a list of locations. Select a location to see all the PumpSpy devices at that location. Any alerts include the location of the Battery Backup System.

Will the PumpSpy battery backup system work with my existing pump?

Yes. Any 120v primary sump pump is compatible with the PumpSpy Battery Backup System.

What if the power goes out?

The PumpSpy Battery Backup System continues to work in the event of a power outage. The backup pump works on battery power and so does the WiFi data connection. The Battery Backup System will automatically reconnect to PumpSpy servers once WiFi/Internet service is restored.

What makes PumpSpy better than multiple pumps in one basin?

Multiple sump pumps certainly are good protection from flooding due to pump failure. But, how do you know if all the pumps are working? You must open the basin and manually test each pump. When you have a PumpSpy Battery Backup System, you have two pumps that you know are always working, because we automatically test them for you on a regular basis.

What is the warranty on a battery backup system?

The PumpSpy Battery Backup System controller and battery backup pump carry a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Can multiple battery backups be installed on a multi-pump system?

Yes. You can have as many Battery Backup Systems as you have sump pumps. You can give each Battery Backup System a nickname (furnace room, main pump, etc.) to tell them apart in the PumpSpy app.

Will the battery backup work with a MiFi hotspot?

The Battery Backup System requires an always-on internet connection. Many MiFi devices do not have a constant connection to the internet and are not recommended.

How does the app calculate the estimated gallons pumped?

The estimated gallons pumped is based on the pump’s running time and is only an estimate. The value is for a typical residential sump pump @10′ lift. It’s usually within +/- 20% of actual pump output.

Does the app show how often the pump turns on?

Yes. The app shows total cycles for each date, and you can “drill-down” and see the times of all cycles on any date.

How do I change the WiFi settings?

To move the Battery Backup System to a new network, press the WiFi setup button and hold for 3 seconds, until the WiFi LED turns yellow. Then connect your phone to the WiFi network “PumpSpy”. Once connected, open the Battery Backup System app and select your desired WiFi network from the list of available networks. Enter the WiFi password, and the LED will turn green once successfully connected to the PumpSpy servers.