General FAQ

Why is PumpSpy Technology?

PumpSpy Technology is a unique solution that automatically monitors your sump pump system remotely, 24 hours a day. The PumpSpy Battery Backup System installed in your home monitors your sump pump, backup pump and battery system and transmits data to PumpSpy’s monitoring system. The monitoring system constantly records and analyzes this data to make sure your system is working properly.

How does the PumpSpy Battery Backup System connect to the montioring service

The PumpSpy Battery Backup System uses your WiFi connection to connect to PumpSpy. It takes less than a minute to setup the Battery Backup System on your WiFi. No additional equipment is required.

How do I know my sump pump is working?

You can login to your PumpSpy account and see current pump information anytime. PumpSpy watches over your pump so you don’t have to. If you don’t receive a PumpSpy alert, don’t bother your pumps. If your PumpSpy system displays all green LEDs, don’t bother your pumps.

How can I check on my system?

With the free PumpSpy app, you can see real-time status of your system. You don’t need to go down in the basement to check on your sump pump anymore.

What is the cost for the PumpSpy Monitoring Service?

Zero. Free Monitoring is included.

How can I test my pumps?

You don’t have to. Your PumpSpy Battery Backup System conducts self-tests every other day. The self-test includes cycling the backup pump and measuring the battery under load.

You can initiate the system self test by pressing the ALARM MUTE button for 10 seconds, releasing when the backup pump activates.