PumpSpy Cellular Conversion Kit


The PumpSpy Cellular Conversion Kit converts your existing PumpSpy cellular device to a WiFi communicating unit! Enter the 14 digit code on the side of your current PumpSpy Cellular Controller (beginning with A10000) into the coupon code field on the shopping cart page.  If you’re unable to locate the code, contact Customer Service at 1-833-PUMPSPY


By submitting this purchase, I represent that I am the owner of the Verizon Wireless MEID number that I have provided for this upgrade and the corresponding battery backup system in operation, and I have not transferred such number.  I acknowledge that if I have provided an MEID number without such ownership, then PumpSpy may deactivate my WIFI monitoring without advance written notice.

I acknowledge that by purchasing this PumpSpy WIFI Upgrade Kit with UPS, I will be transferring my free PumpSpy monitoring service from the 3G cellular network to my home’s Wifi network and that my PumpSpy Cellular Account and my Verizon Wireless 3G account will be deactivated 60 days from this date of purchase.  

I acknowledge (i) that my purchase of this PumpSpy WIFI Upgrade Kit with UPS comes with an extended three-year limited warranty as outlined in the PumpSpy WIFI Upgrade Kit with UPS owner’s manual and (ii) that by virtue of such purchase and such extended warranty the remaining limited warranty term on my obsolete Verizon Wireless cellular controller is cancelled and waived by me

I acknowledge that the PumpSpy WIFI monitoring service provided to me is subject to the terms and conditions in PumpSpy’s WIFI monitoring services agreement and that I am responsible for the operation and maintenance of my home’s Wifi network.

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The PumpSpy Cellular Conversion Kit converts your existing PumpSpy cellular device to a WiFi communicating unit! Includes PumpSpy's Internet Backup Power Supply to keep your router and modem up and running for up to 6 hours during a power outage. The PumpSpy Monitoring Technology uses your home's WiFi to connect to PumpSpy's Remote Monitoring Service (WiFi required). If PumpSpy detects a problem with your sump pump, backup pump, or battery, you receive instant alerts and information on your mobile phone or tablet. In the event of a sump pump failure or power outage, PumpSpy automatically activates the backup pump and sends you alerts. Check on your sump pump and view real-time data anytime with the FREE PumpSpy app. PumpSpy tracks your sump pump activity and alerts you to any potential malfunctions before flooding can occur. Even if there's no rain, PumpSpy makes sure your sump pump, backup pump and battery are always ready for the next storm with system tests every 2 days. PumpSpy also activates your backup pump if the main pump cannot keep up with excess water. Made in the USA with U.S. and imported parts.