Verizon Wireless 3G Cellular Service Sunset

The Federal Communications Division and Verizon Wireless have announced a final 3G Sunset date of December 31st , 2022. This means that millions of devices that rely on 3G to connect with each other will no longer be able to communicate, affecting consumers across a wide range of industries.

Will I be Impacted?

Use the chart below to determine if your PumpSpy monitoring will be impacted by the Verizon Wireless 3G Sunset.

Why will I be impacted when 3G services are discontinued?

Your PumpSpy Battery Backup System contains a cellular communications module that relies on the 3G service of Verizon Wireless to transmit data from your sump system to PumpSpy’s Monitoring Center. The ability of the cellular communication module to transmit data is dependent upon the continued provision of 3G service by Verizon Wireless.  

How will my PumpSpy system be affected when 3G is discontinued?

Notwithstanding the elimination of 3G service by Verizon Wireless, your PumpSpy system WILL continue to operate your sump pump, battery backup pump, and battery as normal.  It will also continue to send local audible alerts from your Pump System.   The elimination of 3G service by Verizon Wireless means that your PumpSpy unit WILL NOT be able to communicate data to PumpSpy’s server, allow us to monitor your system, and allow us to send you alerts.

You will need to upgrade to PumpSpy’s WIFI-based system if you depend on PumpSpy’s free remote monitoring service.

Without Verizon’s 3G network your PumpSpy System WILL and WILL NOT:

How do I verify that my device is communicating?

Open the PumpSpy App on your phone or login through PumpSpy’s Desktop portal.   If your unit has a signal loss, the cell tower icon will have a RED X next to it, and a message stating “Your PumpSpy system is not communicating!”

What other industries are impacted?

The sunset of 3G Cellular technology is impacting a variety of industries.  This includes:

  • Home security systems
  • Medical alert devices
  • Phones 
  • E-readers like the Kindle with 3G
  • Portable Internet hotspots
  • Wearable electronics
  • Alarm systems
  • Personal alarm devices​​
  • Systems used by the trucking industry and school bus dispatchers
  • Various other Internet-of-things devices that rely on 3G
What if my technology becomes obsolete again?

Technology is constantly changing, and PumpSpy systems are built using the technology that is available today.  Working with a dedicated team of engineers, with the upgrade wifi system, we have chosen a communication platform upgrade that we believe has the longest remaining industry tenure.

How can I continue PumpSpy’s monitoring?

If you wish to continue monitoring pump activity and daily cycles, we offer a WiFi upgrade kit, which includes an upgraded WiFi sump pump controller, and a UPS Battery Backup/Surge Protector for your modem and router to keep your internet running during a power outage. 


The benefit of the upgrade is the ability to regain PumpSpy’s communication platform, which will allow PumpSpy servers to monitor your pumps and send you alerts again, even in a power outage.  You can find a link to purchase here.


To support our cellular customers through this transition, we have discounted the wifi upgrade unit.   Your device ID number (usually located on the left-hand side of the battery box lid) is a coupon code, which can be entered at checkout to discount the price of the purchase.

What will happen if I don’t upgrade?

If you experience a 3G signal loss, your primary pump & battery backup system will still work as normal.  You will receive local and audible alerts, but your PumpSpy system will not be able to transmit data and you should not expect any free monitoring of your system.

How do I upgrade?

You can find a link to purchase the WiFi Upgrade Kit here.

To support our cellular customers through this transition, we have discounted the wifi upgrade unit. You will need to provide your Verizon Wireless 3G MEID # to utilize the discount. The MEID # is located on the white label on the side of the cellular controller starting in A1000.

If your MEID # cannot be located, please contact us at 1-833-PUMPSPY for assistance. Once you’ve located your MEID, click here to upgrade your PumpSpy system.

How difficult is the installation?

It’s not difficult, and can be done in approximately 10 minutes. Watch the video below for complete installation instructions.