Do you have an existing sump pump that you don’t want to replace, but still want the benefit of PumpSpy’s 24/7 monitoring? Well, the perfect solution for you is the PumpSpy Smart Pump. The Smart Pump allows you to use your existing sump pump, but with the benefits that the PumpSpy app and monitoring services provide. It has a very simple installation, which you will see from the following simple steps. 


  1. Remove your new Smart Outlet from the box. Inside the box you will find the Smart Outlet, the high water sensor, and a hose clamp.
  2. Unplug your existing sump pump and any connected float switch from AC power. 
  3. Plug the PumpSpy Smart Outlet into AC power.
  4. Plug your sump pump (and any connected float switch) into the Smart Outlet’s top receptacle.
  5. Download the PumpSpy app – available in the App Store or Google Play – and create an account.
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions to connect the Smart Outlet to a WiFi network.
  7. You’ll know you’re connected to WiFi when the light on the Smart Pump will illuminate green.
  8. Install the high water sensor by wrapping the attached hose clamp around the discharge pipe. Lower the sensor to the desired height, and tighten the hose clamp using a screwdriver.
  9. Connect the high water sensor to the bottom of your Smart Outlet.
  10. Your Smart Outlet is now set up and monitoring your pump!


Now is the time to find out how PumpSpy can improve your life, if you don’t already know. If you have an existing sump pump, a great place to start is with the PumpSpy Smart Pump. You can purchase a Smart Pump from our website here for just $159.00. You’ll receive free shipping and PumpSpy’s monitoring services. Why wait? Let PumpSpy start monitoring your pump 24/7!