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2000W Primary Sump Pump Backup Power System

  • Automatically switches over to battery power when AC power goes out. A PumpSpy Deep Cycle AGM Battery (not included) is recommended
  • Generates a Pure Sine Wave 120 VAC voltage to reliably power your primary sump pump
  • Automatically recharges a battery When AC Power is restored with a powerful 5 Amp built-in charger
  • 2000 Watt output is enough to power two primary sump pumps simultaneously (with a combined current draw not exceeding 16.6 Amps)
  • Can be used as a power inverter for many applications requiring backup power



Peace of Mind

Protect your home and never worry about a wet basement during a power outage ever again.

Application Versatility

One Primary Sump Pump

Efficiently powers one sump pump with a maximum draw of up to 16.6 Amps.

Two Primary Sump Pumps

Provides ample power for two sump pumps with combined draws of up to 16.6 Amps.

Other Backup Power Applications

Securely functions as a power inverter for applications that require backup power.


120VAC Output

Two AC outlets and an additional 5V USB port allow multiple devices/appliances access to backup power.

12VDC Input

PumpSpy 12VDC Maintenance-Free AGM Deep Cycle Batteries are recommended.

Intelligent Cooling

The internal cooling system automatically activates to maintain a safe temperature.

Powerful 5 Amp Charger

Quickly charges your battery when AC power is available.

Two Grounded Outlets

Safely power two primary sump pumps with maximum combined draws of 16.6 Amps.

Automatic Power Detection

Automatically detects when a power failure occurs and provides AC power to connected sump pumps.

Easy Installation

Easily become prepared for power outages with hassle-free installation.