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WiFi Battery Backup Sump Pump System

  • Free monitoring included! No monthly charges or subscriptions required. Connects to your WiFi for data connection.
  • Works with any 120-Volt primary sump pump! Simply plug your sump pump into the 120-Volt outlet on the PumpSpy controller for PumpSpy to start watching your sump pump.
  • Get instant alerts on your phone with the FREE PumpSpy app. Check on your pumps from anywhere with your mobile device.
  • PumpSpy computers watch your main sump pump, backup pump, and battery. System tests are performed 3X per week.
  • Made in USA from domestic and imported parts

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When you want protection from basement flooding, the PumpSpy PS2000 is the solution. PumpSpy is the only company that watches your sump pump, backup pump, and battery for problems 24 hours a day. The PumpSpy PS2000 connects to your WiFi and PumpSpy's Remote Monitoring Service. View real-time sump pump data anytime with the FREE PumpSpy app. PumpSpy tracks your sump pump activity and alerts you to any potential malfunctions before flooding can occur. PumpSpy's PS2000 protects your basement from a primary sump pump failure, power outage and can provide extra pumping capacity during big storms. Whenever a problem is detected, PumpSpy sends you instant, detailed alerts via push notifications, SMS, and email. Even when there's no rain, PumpSpy makes sure your sump pump, backup pump and battery are always ready for the next storm with system tests every 2 days. PumpSpy's backup pump sits next to your main pump and is automatically activated in the event of a main pump problem or power outage. The backup pump is also activated if the main pump cannot keep up with excess water. PumpSpy's powerful backup pump removes 3600 Gal. per hour at 0° or 2400 Gal. per hour at 10° lift.


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WiFi Battery Backup Sump Pump System


Easy to install backup system.  Works with any 120-Volt primary sump pump! Get 24/7 monitoring & instant alerts on you phone with our Free app.



In the event of a main sump pump problem or power outage, the battery back-up pump operates automatically. The PumpSpy PS2000 constantly monitors and charges the battery as necessary

Dual Install Kit


Installing a second sump pump has never been easier. The PumpSpy Dual Pump Install Kit has everything you need to connect 2 sump pumps to a single discharge line.