When it comes to your sump pump, you want it to run as smoothly and as efficiently as possible. Installing a check valve to your sump pump discharge pipe can help ensure that happens. We’ll walk you though what a check valve is and the different types of valves, as well as explain why check valves are so important to the performance of your sump pump.

What is a check valve?

A check valve is a one-way gate that prevents water from flowing back down the discharge pipe after the sump pump has pumped the water out. There are a few different types of check valves to be familiar with:

Gravity Closing (Flat or Angled Seat)

In gravity closing check valves, the force of gravity from the water pushing down on the flapper causes the flap to close, therefore restricting water from flowing back down the pipe. A flat seat vale tends to make a loud clapping noise, since the flapper has a long distance to travel to reach its flat, closed position. An angled seat valve is angled so that the flapper has a shorter distance to travel and cannot gain as much momentum before reaching its closed position, making for a quieter check valve. 

Quiet Check Valve

For a check valve that is silent, a spring is used to apply low force to the flapper against the water closing through the valve. The spring allows the valve to close gently against the seat. PumpSpy makes a Quiet Check Valve that utilizes this spring method, and also comes with a clear body so that water movement is visible within the check valve. 

Why are Check Valves Important?

As explained, the purpose of a check valve is to stop water from flowing back through the discharge pipe and into your sump pump basin. This is extremely important because it keeps your sump pump from pumping out the same water over and over. This will not only prolong the life of your sump pump, but will also cut down on electricity cost. Furthermore, having a check valve properly installed will keep your sump pump from short cycling. Short cycling is when a sump pump turns on and off too frequently, which can cause your pump to overheat. 

Overall, a check valve is essential to having a sump pump that works efficiently for many years. If you don’t already have a check valve installed in your sump pump drainage system, consider installing PumpSpy’s Clear Quiet Sump Pump Check Valve. It is simple to install, cost efficient, and quiet. It is an easy upgrade that will cut electricity costs and keep your sump pump performing at its best!